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  1. Review of property-based testing libraries for C++


    I first heard of property-based testing in Bryan O'Sullivan's talk on "Running a startup on Haskell" where he said that even non-Haskell programmers should know about property-based testing (PBT). PBT is

    designed to assist in software testing by generating test cases for test suites. (wikipedia)

    The idea behind PBT is to run the test suite against a set of lose assumptions specified by the programmer. The test suite generates tests to falsify these assumptions and eventually presents a minimal failing case for further investigation.

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  2. PyQt: Loading resource UI files directly

    Loading Designer's UI files directly is a simple matter of calling uic.loadUi(uifile, self) from a QWidget, where uifile is the path to the file. If uifile is stored as a resource files, however, it must first be opened in a QFile and loaded. read more

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